How's she boot'n'er?

Hello folks!

So I was googling clans of old motherfuckers who game. Oddly enough this clan came right up! ;). So here I am, all signed up and shit!

You can call me Andrew, Savvy, or whatever you like really. My friends usually call me asshole, shit head, and/or fucktard! So really, the possibilities are only limited to your imagination.

As for the gaming part of things…well I play PS4 mostly, but I do own a XB1 and PC which I do use as well.

I currently can mostly be found playing BF4 on PS4 or Destiny (have for PS4 & XB1), or the odd time Halo 5. I am patiently waiting for The Division and am super excited to play some Overwatch!

PSN - Savoy19
GT - Das Savvy
Steam - SavvyTG

P.S. I hope to get to know all you kind and generous folks here at GRG and maybe even get to play some games and shit!



Those are already taken by @Lala_Calamari . Have to think of something more original.

Welcome to the geriatric facility know as GRG.

Protip: Clicking on a users avatar shows their gamertags.

Welcome aboard.

Great introduction. Welcome aboard.

TexasReaperCrew on XB1

Be honest, you were searching for Midget porn and stumbled on this site. It’s ok. Most here have.

Welcome to GRG, I’ve added you to my friends list.

XBox GT: Lala Calamari

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Wait…does this mean @savvy knows @Klown4Life’s mom?

Welcome to GRG! Sent FRs from PSN and XBL.

Welcome to the community! PSN is AlphaMack. We generally have a party going each night on PSN, so if you see us, feel free to join up! Destiny, RB6, and a few commited-ones are playing CoD still. A lot of us are looking forward to The Division as well!

I like the name Andor Fucktard.


Yeah she’s a whore…hey wait a minute!

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First off, thank you for the warm welcome!

Secondly…[quote=“JohnnyHustler, post:8, topic:6044”]
Wait…does this mean @savvy knows @Klown4Life’s mom?
[/quote] Of course I know her, sweet sweet lady.

However… [quote=“Lala_Calamari, post:6, topic:6044”]
Be honest, you were searching for Midget porn and stumbled on this site. It’s ok. Most here have.
[/quote] That is not what I searched for. Actually I was googling unpixelated bukkake and somehow ended up here. Kinda weird if you ask me really.

Finally I truly had no idea that asshole, shit head, and/or fucktard have already been taken. I apologize and hope that I didn’t make things as awkward as making stranger penises kiss at Toby Keith concert!

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As you spend more time here, you’ll find it’s not that weird, right @anon3687162?

I thought we only focused on the pixelated…

I usually draw target rings on my friends ugly moms pictures. That way I have something to aim at when I…umm…well you know…like…secrete semen aggressively. Unless you guys are not talking about pictures… Then how does that work? My interests have been peaked!

[quote=“LanceHung, post:20, topic:6044, full:true”]
@Savvy where are you from?
[/quote] @LanceHung I’m from NB Canada. Yourself? Oh and don’t say “that explains it!” Cause I know some guys from Alabama and they are way more messed up then me!

Aren’t most Maritimers living in Alberta anyway? Honest mistake man.

Haha I thought I read sexy…my bad!

If I can be serious for a moment, I also have family from NS. My Grandmother grew up in a very boring place called Queens Port…veeeerrrrry booorrringggg!

Actually he’s upper Canadian, I think that’s a totally different class of Canadian.

More like the armpit of Canada… Many think that is Manitoba, and they have a valid point…but there can be two armpits.

Sorry if I offend anyone here by saying this, but I think I like you guys already!