Humble Bundle - So you wanted a bunch of Rockstar games

This seems like it’s up GRG’s alley so I thought I’d post a disclaimer before anyone dropped some cash.

$15 for 11 Rockstar games sounds like a great deal. Nearly every game in it has issues, however. A cynical individual might assume Rockstar wanted some extra cash so they threw a bunch of old titles in a bundle without regard for if they still worked or not.



I saw that bundle this morning and laughed. I have almost all those games and most don’t work on Win 10 at all or you have to jump through hoops to get them to work.

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glad I read this post to steer clear of this bundle.

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Yeah. I, too, saw it and wasn’t impressed. No GTAV. They’ll milk it until GTA6.

I saw the Reddit thread earlier where they mentioned comparability and/or port issues for some of those titles.

General consensus seemed to be that it wasn’t worth it unless you didn’t have a majority of the titles (and really wanted them).

edited to add: Ignore this. I read a tweet wrong

I find it kinda funny that the day after M$ says that most modern games won’t work in the next few months unless you have the most up to date version of Win 10. Basically everyone with win 7/8.1 will be updating now and forcing themselves out of being able to play some of that bundle.

Got a link? That’s somewhat relevant to me. I intentionally didn’t upgrade during the free window and am averse to paying to upgrade when the version I already paid for is supposed to be in support until 2023.

I read this while multitasking. I tottaly read it wrong. You are probably safe.

You’re still on Win 7?
Is that the extended support which ends in 2023?