Hunter Nightstalker cheat/exploit- MOAR ARROWS!!!!

A new exploit has turned up in competitive Destiny, and it sucks.

Earlier this week, someone figured out a way for people playing the Hunter Nightstalker class to greatly extend the length of their Shadowshot super. The cheat, which I haven’t actually been able to replicate in PvE, is apparently simple—by entering the menu while the super is active, a player can reset the timer. (I’d debated whether or not to actually share how to do the cheat in this post, but considering how simple it is (and how easy it is to find instructions online) I don’t see the point in dancing around it.)

You (seem to) need a specific exotic helmet equipped.
Which doesn’t mention anything in its perks to do with the super.

Also, Bungie have acknowledged it and ToO has been delayed, seemingly as a result of said glitch.

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ToO is delayed? Damn. That sucks.

No, being delayed is a good thing. ToO would be broken and fucking stupid if Titans and Hunters had their Special exploits. Fixes in place, then we can proceed to seeing which of you all suck the big one in PvP.

I don’t even know what ToO is…

I can’t even.


Trials of Osiris

Right, but what do you do in said trials

Think the burns have been removed from primaries iirc.

Yeah sorry, should have specified no Legendary Primaries with elemental damage (for now).