I assume many of you played Mass effect 4

Did you know there was even a mp mode in this?

Sadly like most things in this game I guess it was forgettable

Thanks - you reminded me that I got the EA Access sub for a month to go play all the games on there (including ME:A).

I have not tried the MP.
I will not try the MP.

Never cared for MP in Mass Effect I only played for the SP. Honestly I thought this last one was decent. Sure the graphics blew. But the story was decent a combat was good.

I think it was just ok…something was missing compared to the original trilogy, maybe they were too good. I did not feel attached to my main the way I did with Shepard…it felt kinda like ST Voyager (which was compered to Gilligan’s Island back then).

Played MP for the first time in the Mass Effect series on this one. It’s just horde mode. Got boring real fast

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