I bought a thing (ESO)

I’m a shitty Screenshot taker, is there a tool in ESO to do this better?

I always wanted this stupid horse but didn’t want to drop 2500 crowns on it. It was on sale for half off, so in a drunken stupor (all the best decisions are made then) I bought it. Now I look super l337 as I get one shotted in Cyrodiil!

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Ha you bought the fire horse

Yes I did, and it’s spectacular!

i got that one and a set of the assassin costumes. looks great running around at night

I dont have a horse yet

My favorite mount…

I am 25 points away from $20 credit on PSN so maybe ill use that to buy some crowns and get a mount

Imperial edition worth it just for the mount.

At least you will use the horse more than Elite Dangerous.

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This is true.