I did not see you.....

I am sorry to the person that was behind me in the line at Dairy Queen when I got the last of the rocky road and roadkill flavor ice cream last week. It was very insensitive and rude and I want to make it up to you by saying, “sucks to be you”.

Now, that I have your attention…

I am a very mature and long-time gamer. I love being on comms and goofing around with members that love to laugh and enjoy the non-gaming times. I have been a member, and officer, in several gaming clans and have enjoyed each and every minute. I love to help, talk, incite riots and play many games with the foolish people that allows me to join them. My main games are Anthem, Gears 5, Shadow of war and Division 2. I have played many others, WOW, Conan, Star Wars, Battlefield series, World of tanks or Warthunder, Final Fantasy XIV, Elder Scrolls, Rainbow Six Siege and others. I also keep an eye on the new and coming releases so I am up for almost anything. I am very computer savy and have built computers for years.

So, with that I say a very well met greetings, and let the games begin.


Welcome! Love the name. Is that your GT?

soulterror08 is mine, I’ll keep an eye out for you.

Welcome to the community

Nice intro welcome to Grg

Thanks for the hellos and welcome’s. Going to enjoy the warm welcomes before you get to know me and learn better. GT? Are you referring to Guild Tag? Yes, that is what encompasses my way of messing up the most carefully laid out plan. You will see my GT is not just a name, its a way of life. :slight_smile:

By the way, who is the reigning post whore? Just a job I may want…hahaha.

Gamer tag is what he was referring to mostly to deal with Xbox or Ps4. If you want you can add you steam name to your profile so others can add you. As for the reigning poster that’s probably Lala the head Grumpkin since he runs the place, then Grex probably

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@PCGamers got a newbie here if you wanna get them added to your lists

you cant see me john cena GIF by WWE

Welcome to the old folks home or asylum, community or whatever tickles your pickle!

Gunny, not only did you hit me square across the mouth with the gauntlet…but did it with the middle finger sticking out…

Well played sir…

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That’s what I do hombre! Welcome!

Welcome Num.

If you mean quality posts, I’d say Beers probably has that privilege.
No idea who posts the most rubbish. It’s a crown many vie for.

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Hmmm…so to do justice to the title of “Post Whore”, I need not only to post frequently, but my post’s need to contain substance?..is that what you are saying? Now my friend’s, you do not know what type of burden that lays on my shoulders. I turn your attention to my name. Do you think my name, lends itself to one that makes quality even sensible posts? Ladies and Gentlemen, please, I implore you, do not underestimate my idiocy. :smile:


I held but a foolish hope.
As I say, many appear to fight for that particular crown, I expect you will have your cut out either way.

Welcome to GRG!


A question. I have this big L in a circle and I am trying to change it to an custom avatar. I have gone to the site where you say to change it and have done that so it will replicate. But over there it shows up but on the forums it does not. Any suggestions?

Check you signed up to Gravatar with the same email address you used here.

Sign out then back into this website.