I don’t know if you guys remember me

I played a lot with you guys during black ops 3. Didn’t like the next two games and was too busy for bo4. I’m going to be coming back for modern warfare mostly because it’s my favorite series and whenever I do hop on my Xbox I’m playing Mw2 or mw3 backwards compat. Wanted to see if you guys still had a Xbox community or a ps community to see which to gear up for. Sorry if I’m doing this wrong. Just getting in from a night out, had a few.


Welcome back

Who the hell is this?..lol…Welcome back…at least it wasnt a completely drunken post.

A lot of us still play BLOPS 4 nightly. TDM or Blackout. We are really looking forward to what Modern Warfare will bring. Depending on how they pull this off it could be really big. GRG came from being a CoD clan (2old2shoot).

Make sure to add some of the people from @codplayers. Currently the regular suspects on XBox are @beers_and_leafs, @mnvikesfan, @HAWKLANDER, @FetalInjury, @Grex and I. We also have a ton more that play on and off.

I typically play on Wed and the weekends. We tend to get a group together on most Saturdays ~9pm Est.
if you see any of the above players on jump in the party !

I remember AWOL. Still on friends list.