I think I found H2 Daddy's answer to his question .

Is this the old console that H2 Daddy asked about ? They made about five variants of this console in mid 1970 to early 1970 . One console version was called " Combat " which featured only tank games


Good find. @h2daddy is that it?

we were talking about a game called combat in the chat, but it was for the atari…

The Atari 2600 did have a game called " Combat " that had tanks , ships and planes in it . These old Telstar consoles came with only one type of game in them and there was no way to swap out another game cartridge . What you bought with the console was all you played on the console .

That didn’t look like mine but it turns out, that is it. I actually found a commercial featuring the one I had.

UGH… thank you technology!!!

Telstar made five different console versions ( two are shown above ) but their biggest seller was the console that had two controllers that had a round turning knob with a red fire button on the side , kind of like the old PONG console game .