I think they made a big mistake.

This mount went on sale in the crown store today and will be removed from the store on the 26th.

Why they didn’t extend that to the release of console boggles my mind. It is roughly a $20 mount. They are missing out on a ton of sales in my opinion. They are also removing some things from the store before console release. Not sure what they are doing but it doesn’t make a ton of sense. Hopefully some other cool shit will be released.

They will probably bring them back. Giving pc players something to have over the console players. I guess.

Well it transfers. I guess they figured anyone transferring will pick it up to have something different than the rest of console players. If so they were right. I did.

If you sub for 300 days you get a free armored leopard type mount. I don’t know if that was 300 days from release or just 300 days straight. I see them a lot.

The good thing is no matter what mount you use they all have the same stats when you get them. You level them up at the stable every 24 hours putting points into stamina, speed, and storage (each point put into storage gives you 1 bag slot). If you change mounts they keep the stats you have leveled.

Nothing but dress-up, so going to be hard for me to stomach real money to pay for just some nice pixels that do squat.

I’ll pay for barbie dress up shit. I don’t mind. I have several times for GW2.

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What you never played with barbies?

I just subbed for 2 months. You get crowns with your sub. Spend them or loose them. I was actually able to buy a few pets, and two mounts with the sale they are having. I should have bought the wedding dress and let my Templar wear it.

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