IB this week

As you all know I’m a destiny fanboi, love both games. but I feel the IB my be on a little heavy rotation ATM. I’ll be there and playing a bit but i may choose to work on other stuff too, as it feels like the Banner fell all too recently. @destinyplayers


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I’m in on this. I need to get back the Iron Banner AR I accidentally infused to another gun. I’ll be on tonight with a big backpack to carry GRG to victory.

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I’m in…have some stress to get out. Leveling all week, hit me up if you see me on

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I’ve been on a pvp binge I’ll be on too

What light level are most of you guys now days?

With how much I play it…a major 212!

For the rest of season 3 Light level does not matter for ib or trials…that will change after expansion and yr2 so please feel free to join, with 6v6 we can a lot of grg in games

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Ugh, some rough battles.

As I said in party chat, we need to be less focused on capping points.

What’s important

  • Stick together
  • Control Heavy Ammo
  • Team shoot
  • DON’T DIE!
  • Kill the enemies

The last thing for Iron Banner Control that you need to be worried about is the points. It’s not like CoD and Domination, points don’t accrue over time. Points come from kills (more cap points equal a higher multiplier).

I’m not saying holding points isn’t important and something we shouldn’t do. I’m just saying do it smart.

As for Power Ammo, I saw 2 people run past both Power ammo drops (same time) to engage the enemy. They died and the enemy capped the points and grabbed the ammo which will allow them extra kills. Always grab the ammo.