If you haven't already you should...

I know most if you like playing with friends and FPS games, but Mad Mad is a single player game that everyone should try. It’s quite big and totally open and full of lots to do. And, although it may seem repetitive at times, each repetition is still different. The only thing that I know some of you may complain about is the constant searching for loot and scrap.

Personally I haven’t had this much fun with a game in quite a while and the hand to hand combat is great.

Here’s a video of some vehicle carnage and I’ll put one up tomorrow with some of the hand to hand.


I plan to get it. I need to start/finish MGS first.

Great game, started it last night, plan on playing some more tonight. I would call it this years Shadow of Mordor.

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Funny, that’s exactly what my son called it.

I think the hand to hand is spot on. I played mordor and just recently batman and this game plays closer to mordor combat wise but just works so much better for me. My only complaint is that it is far to easy to “max” out. I am not even done with gutgashs area and am already close to top road warrior status, all my gear is maxed and have most unlocks for my car

The only things i dont have are the v8 engines and repair tools cuz they are locked behind missions. Did a ton of side crap. Maxed out Grippa. I just wish there were post Road Warrior upgrades

So it keeps counting levels…interesting. Is there anything else to use grippa tokens on or do you just stop earning them. Thought there would be a trophy for grippa but i didnt see one

Here’s one of the boss camps.