If you need help in Destiny!!

I figured I would start a thread (or more recent one) regarding if anyone needs help in Destiny. The point of this thread is for people to post what areas they can help others with regarding Destiny and for what systems. I recently just starting back on the Destiny grind on PS4 in preparation of the upcoming expansion and would not be where i am without the Help of @catsweat and others. I am finding out just how much of a community driven, social game this is. So lets start with a simple format(because i am simple)
PSN/GT-System-What you can help with

DaKlown4life-PS4-I can help you rank up, run story missions/dailies, clear bounties, assist with low level strikes, and be an extra for raids and PVP, Hunter LL 300, Lvl 28 Titan alt i am working on

GhstWlkrs - XB1 - I have the game…lets play.

Amusekus… My only play days are Mon to Wed for right now. (This might be changing, my job might be working me to weekdays Mon to Thursday 10 hour shifts). I just want to get into Destiny again but key is getting myself to find people to play with. I can definetly help with King’s Fall but I haven’t done anything since they raised the light level.

All my PS4 characters are Titans, I don’t feel I got time to play multiple classes. Nor do I want to make the time.

Titans are key in Kings fall. I play randomly also so anytime you see me on ill help where i can

DuvalFunk - Xbone - I’ll do or help do whatever. Haven’t done Kings Fall but pretty much anything else I can help with.

Just to note I am on Xbox as well, all warlocks on there. But same situation, haven’t done anything since Light Level increase.

What LL are you?

Gatsu Godhand - XB1 - LL 318 Titan. I have a warlock & hunter as well, but they aren’t where I want them yet. So I may need some assistance with those 2 characters. Willing to help with strikes, daily’s, weekly’s, story missions, bounties, prison of elders and be an extra for Raids.

just picked up a fresh copy, installing now. Sucks that I have to start fresh (new account, previous account on 360, can no longer acsess) but I havent touched Destiny since right after the Crota raid Dlc, so it should be a fresh experience. I hear the game has changed a lot.


I need all the help I can get lol don’t think I have ever done a raid - XB1

I think they will still let you transfer up from the 360 to the X1 if you haven’t done it already. but once you do the transfer, it permanently splits the characters between systems. Wherever you were last on your 360, that’s where you’ll pick up on your X1 if you’re using the same gamertag.

Or can you not access your old gamertag at all?

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OH yeah that account is gone, I actually cant remember the email or password for it. Its no big deal though, im enjoying starting fresh :slight_smile:

I’m in… similarly, haven’t played since the last light level increase and my Titan is probably rusted. I play on Xbox one gamer tag seismicshoe49

I just added everyone on this thread that plays on Xbox. I’ve stalled around LL 300. Picked game back up after walking away for a year. Caught up on all the taken king shit except for the raid. Need raid gear :frowning: I want to get caught up before next update… Then start all over :smiley:

Hit me up guys.
DJPGoldnation on XBone


I am X1 as well. Have all three toons hovering around 318, trying to hit up Challenge of Elders, Court of Oryx and HM raids to creep towards 330 before the new release.

Let’s shoot space shit in the face!!!


Level 40 nightstalker here. Missed destiny when it first came out so aside from mopping up crota with some buddies who needed an extra body I haven’t done any of the raids. Light level 315 I believe… Always in for some PoE, or daily, or just messing around in crucible. I’m sporadically online but I’ll always throw down on destiny. Xbone Cptnkillr

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FR sent.

I’m looking to get the challenge of elders done if anyone is interested before the raid tonight… That’s still a thing right @TexasReaperCrew ?

I haven’t been told otherwise by some, and I just put out a reminder here in forums

It’s not looking like a raid tonight, but I should be on for a nightfall or 2 if you’re interested in that