I'm Back

Whats up guys, ended up giving my PS4 to my brother-in-law while he is away at college for the time being so I thought it would be a good opportunity to get myself the Xbox One Elite system. Haven’t had an Xbox in a long time but got Halo 5 to start off with and pre-ordered Call of Duy.

Gamertag: Richard11

Hit me up so we can play some games


Welcome back.

XBL GT: Grex

Welcome back. Sent you a FR from my XBL tag: JohnnyHustler.

Welcome back

I moved this to the intro section. Glad to see you’re back, I’m not on halo, but will be on CoD. Can’t wait.

TexasReaperCrew on XB1

welcome back, was wondering where you dissapeared to.

Welcome back. Just added you.

Gt is CRIDLANDER. Add me and we’ll slaylo some evening

Yeah he needed something to do so I let him use it. Ill have both back sometime but for now its Xbox

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Welcome back

Added you to FL, GT Sniper T1

Added you dude. GT Mohawk Viking