I'm finally coming out guys.. I'm bi-console

Hey I’ve been around on the ps4 side for a while. Many of you Xbox guys have had a chuckle watching my stream and my ability to fall off any map. For my birthday my lovely wife bought me an Xbox 1. My gt is cridlander. I’ll be getting Halo 5 and we’ll see what other games. We’ll see how the other side of grg lives life.


Awesome man.

Can I play with a guy that fires people left and right?

Awesome Crid! I’ll add you the the FL.

GT = azshortbus35

Welcome to the Dark Side, Crid. You’ll find it’s easy to fall off buildings on the XB1 as well!

Sent you a FR.

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Just for asking you are FIRED from Xbox.

Bi is the way to go.

Now you are on the same console as the " World Commander " !!! Now you will know meaning of the true power of the " Dark Side " , not that weak ass shit that Tuttle puts out .

Hey man, welcome to GRG. TexasReaperCrew on XB1

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Lala? Good God!

Why would you want to?

Make him add you Crid.

Technically they have to add each other.

I am aware but can’t appear soft.

Welcome to the “good” side. Add me whore

Awesome! FR sent!

Hey dude, I added you. Halo 5 whoo!