Im new in town.

Hello to the clan of grim reapers. I was told that this is a fun loving circle jerk of people who just like to shoot things and not worry about feeling (what are those again?). Anyway, I play a lot of Destiny and GTA Online on XboxOne with my buddy DuvalFunk and asked him about this crew the other night and thought to myself “I love rippin on people’s mom’s while senselessly killing digital living things.” So here I am. Happy to be here. Looking forward to getting into some mischievous activities with you guys. Gamertag: DetestedMist (yes I am aware I should have just called myself fart. I have come to terms with it.)


Circle jerk is a great game indeed. but we here at GRG thrive on Roufie Roulette.

Welcome to the asylum hope you enjoy your stay.

FR Sent

welcome to the party

Hey there he is. Welcome buddy. I already know what you think of full friontal male nudity. (hint) He loves it.




Hey, in my opinion if you don’t like frontal male nudity you got something wrong with you. And what’s this I hear about blowjob being thrown around? Let me in on that shit.

Hi fart, I’m Gunny!

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Welcome to the clan. FR sent.

Sup fart. I think they’re giving out blowjobs out behind the shed

Welcome I will send you a friend request tonight. I’m glad to hear you like gta online.

Yep, we receive those blowjobs from the PS4 gamers. We let them suck our bone and feel like they ( Pure Suck 4’s) are part of the group. But we are just using them for the free blowjobs.


Welcome to the clan . Blowjobs only happen on Wednesday clan night’s so do not go and get your hopes up that it is an everyday event .

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