I'm some guy who happens to be new

Hello Grim Reaper Gamers, I play on the PS4 regularly and some Xbox one, I also like long barefoot walks on the beach. My PSN is Rtimm1 and my XBL Gamer Tag is Rtimm11.

I look forward to invading you all in Bloodborne soon.



Welcome to GRG!

You guys reply fast, thanks for the warm welcome.

Welcome to the party. @RTuTTle86, this guy is going to invade you.

Welcome sir… Add me psn: ABK2WICKED

Welcome, come on in and have a drink, kick off your shoes…relax…no I didn’t notice that the alcohol had a slightly funny taste. What’s that you feel light head, it’ll be okay just close your eyes. Who? Oh that guy in he corner wearing the leather mask, don’t mind him at all he’s just another GRG member…now let’s talk about how your going to get invaded.

Belushi, xbone. Welcome to the clan.

Welcome to the clan

Woah, you should be talking to customers not posting on a forum. Shame on you from the art department.

Welcome to the clan !!!

You know Reek?

If reek is Disneynut68 than yup. We work together sort of. We are in two different departments, I’m in art and he is in customer service. So I screw up and the customer yells at him, works out pretty well.


Welcome bud! I have just one question for you… How do you feel about frontal male nudity???

Sooooo … If you fail , Disney gets yelled at !!! Oh the fun I would have if I was in your shoes !!! LOL !!!