I'm still alive.

Hey everyone. I know I haven’t been active lately. I popped in last week for just a bit to let some of the guys know I hadn’t just fucked off but wanted to post it here while I had a few minutes. I work for a company that does water and fire restoration along with mold and sewer remediation. We have been swamped with calls lately(great for the wallet but sucks for free time). We were about caught up and close to finishing our remaining jobs but Sunday night/Monday morning we got a ton of rain which caused part of the town to flood. This also means that we are crazy busy again. I will post some pics when I have some more time.

TLDR: I’ve been swamped at work but just wanted to let people know I’m still around.




No worries. Not like we have any better place to go.

Some images that others took of the flooding

I was on with @BrambledWhiskey he is indeed alive

Damn, that flood is nasty. Hope everyone is alright.