Immortals Fenyx Rising gets two more trailers ahead of tomorrow's launch

The wait for Immortals Fenyx Rising is almost over, and Ubisoft has now shared two more trailers to keep us going until tomorrow’s launch.

Since Immortals launches tomorrow, December 3rd, we’ve already had quite a bit of information about the game. This first launch trailer seems aimed purely at ramping up the hype, with shots of Immortals’ gorgeous game world and fast-paced combat. We get Zeus and Prometheus sniping at each other, interspersed with the game’s wacky sense of humour, glimpses of the other gods, and a look at Fenyx themselves as they ride, fly, fight, and run through the Golden Isle. Then we get the deep dive trailer:

This covers the story so far, telling us about Fenyx’s mission to save the Greek gods, as well as the enemies, bosses, and weapons they’ll encounter on their journey. The Golden Isle is split into several different regions, each belonging to a different god or goddess, and the deep dive trailer gives us a look at a few, including Zeus’s region, Aphrodite’s plains, and Athena’s domain.