Incursion - Xbox

Trying to get a feel of where we are at class based. Going to create a list of our geared 30s and what class they feel like they fall under. Premise behind this is knowing who we can bring as it seems clear we cannot run 8 DPS and come out on top.

Right now, I am currently running a tank/support build. Reached cap on armor and I do have good resistances. I do not have great dps but I have enough now to pull aggro on the majority of pulls.

  • Xionergy - Tank - 2000F/2200S/2000E

Yeah someone needs to make an event for the xbox side. I am a maybe right now or I would have posted.

Anyone know they are definitely going to be on and willing to run a group?

I will post my numbers when I can get in front of my box.

GRG has no class.

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I don’t know if you should go by F/S/E as there are stats on your gear that can alter th3 main numbers. Just my thinking.

My vector 82k
Police MK17 53k
Tactical M249 Para
I don’t aim to do high DPS at all.

62k Health, can make it higher if need but will sacrifice Skill power.
Armor at 3,324

Skill Power 38,961

Most my gear has buffs to first aid.
So yes with this gear set I am talking about I am a pure healer.

I use triage, battle buddy, combat medic, and strike back as my talents usually.

Always use support station, plan to use immunizer. Switch a lot between first aid and gas seeker. Been thinking of using Smart Cover more recently with recharger mod.

Also think good idea for group to have one person using support station ammo cache, not only reserves ammo but lowers ability cool downs. Only issue for me is it heals for less then the other ones.


I plan to definitely be on to die a bunch for the update. I work until 7pm est this week, so would have to be a group that’s on later (say 7:45-8p).

I run a more firearms sided char. 2800/FA-1900ST-1500EL. I have 160k on my primary AR and 134k on my vector/mp5 depending. Also have a Superior M1A with at about 106k and a pretty decent eye. My health sits at about 60.5k, with skill power at 1500 (the stat; can’t recall what that equates to in points, I think about 35k if not mistaken).

I go for damage, but can stay alive with a team who helps with heals. Usually run overheal first aid and gas seekers for cc. I can gear a little more towards health with some stash pieces if need be, but will lose some DPS. I also try to communicate a lot as far as calling out targets and whatnot, so that might annoy people lol.

I’m actually pretty pumped for the new content, so if you’re annoyed by people talking about how much they LIKE this game, it’s ok. Party with someone who hates it :wink:


Definately looking fwd to some new stuff but I’m way under geared to even try. I’ve been rather unlucky in drops. I think I’m running 90k on my primary ar and 100kish on my socom m1a. 71k health and 1400ish on tech. Going to get me a rabbits foot for better loot drops.

I am up for Friday night !
the Mrs is away again lol

After a farming week i am running , 145k dps / 65k health / 23k electrics

Be good to have a few teams running the incursions or atleast try them out,

Manosteel you rekon the normal little crew of misfits will cope lol ?!!!

That is good. I just didn’t want the 8 of us that are active/geared all be DPS.

@AmuseKus I tend to look at core values rather then what someones dps, health, or skill power. Since those are affected by gear and don’t always reflect what is accurate. With core stats, I know they must have at least decent gear/mods then whatever is above that is just gravy on top.

May try the challenging incursion today with my group, think we got the last of them at their last HE during the break with no dailies. Just worried that I am the only one who is not DPS and have yet to have a dedicated healer in a group.

I think it’s okay not to have pure healers from what I seen in game but I think it’s good to have at least 2 supports. People that have descent skill power, which to me means being balanced between the three stats. They have one heal and another ability that useful to spam as much as possible… Pulse, seeker, sticky, ect. I would even include ballistic shield in that.

Saying that though, lots of skill power makes a big difference with cool downs and how much abilities heal for. But you sacrifice a lot with damage, not only low firearms but you won’t be able to unlock most talents on weapons… Those talents make big differences too. You’d be better off sitting in the back spamming abilities.

And again important crowd control isn’t just spamming abilities but killing targets as soon as possible. So yeah as you can tell I think a lot about trying to balance in game. Like yes I have a good skill powebuild but in case it works better I have a build that is also pretty balanced.

EDIT: this another great thing about gear sets. The Tactician gear set will provide more ways the get skill power so I should be able to adjust my gear more so I can help more with DPS and unlock weapon talents.