Infinity Ward developer confirms Cross Play is working in studio between all platforms

Infinity Ward’s Studio Narrative Director Taylor Kurosaki has confirmed on Twitter that Cross Play feature in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is fully working as intended in the studio between all platforms, despite some constant rumors you might be hearing.

Kurosaki confirmed in series of tweets that Cross Play is working between PS4 and Xbox One, and of course PC cross play was confirmed by Activision during the reveal day press release.

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Replying to @ taylorkurosaki @ InfinityWard @ CallofDuty

Hey Taylor you probably won’t see this but do you mind on Clarifying crossplay alot of people and on YouTube is saying crossplay is a lie and won’t work properly?

Crossplay is happening. Believe it. It’s real. It’s working, now.

— Taylor Kurosaki (@taylorkurosaki) June 13, 2019

In a second tweet, he confirmed it’s working between PS4 and Xbox One as well:

To clarify further, crossplay between XBOX and PS is working?

— CobraTango (@Six7_Tango) June 13, 2019

It’s all working right now at IW.

— Taylor Kurosaki (@taylorkurosaki) June 13, 2019

And, to reassure fans, he confirmed that cross play between consoles and PC is also working and in the game:

@taylorkurosaki I saw that PS/Xbox cross-play is working in studio. Can you say anything about the PC side of cross-play?

— Chris Bishop (@xChris6041x) June 13, 2019

Crossplay between consoles and PC is a go!

— Taylor Kurosaki (@taylorkurosaki) June 13, 2019
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Nice. I wonder if you’ll be able to add and join on friends in cross-play. Or if voice will work across platforms.

Yay then I will have a shot when playing on PC with a controller