Install any Fallout 4 mods yet?

For the PC players.

Anyone install any mods yet?

I have only installed the Enhanced Wasteland (sweetfx) mod for the better textures. It killed my frame-rate though. Had to go down to med settings instead of high.

I haven’t yet. I’m playing the vanilla version for a while before I start adding mods to the mix. I typically give them a bit to shake out the glitches in the mods.

With JH on the waiting part. Still haven’t finished the game, so I’ll wait until then. Running Ultra @ 60fps right now, can’t wait to install texture mods

yeah i removed that mod and put it back to high. time for a vid card upgrade

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What card do you have now, Grex?

Radeon HD 7870

I have one I’m putting in another PC as a smaller desktop option. Curious how that ran Fallout.

it runs it ok. I can run the game on high no problem.

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