Interesting bug with Xbox Live Preview

Last night while playing NBA2K I got a prompt to install the new preview. I elected to do so the xbox shut the game down and did it’s thing.

I own NBA2K on Disc, but I can now play it with out having the disc in the drive. I tested other games and it ask me if I have the disc.

Just something I found interesting. In theory I could trade the game in and still be able to play it. Not gonna.

That is weird. Wonder if that is a bug with the game or the new dashboard.

May just have to do with the game being played when the update was installed.

After 7PM , I got another update and after that , I couldn’t play any online games ( everything else worked though ) . I tried everything but nothing worked . Do not understand what went wrong , everything was working great until the update .

That is what I am thinking Fish. I just wonder if it is permanent or if a update will revert it back.

Other than that Dis it is great. I am looking at this bug as a positive for me.

The new experience is snappy and works similar to the old 360 dashboard.

Preview you say???

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