Interesting New military movies

With Veterans Day right around the corner we have 2 interesting but very different military movie offerings coming out(both content and director wise) but i am oddly interested in seeing both. How about you guys?

Nov 4th:

Nov 11th:

I want to see Hacksaw Ridge, it looks amazing.

Don’t think I could tell much from Long Halftime Walk, which isn’t a bad thing.

Hacksaw Ridge on the other hand, seemed to show me the majority of the film in a single trailer.
Is it based on a true story?
Definitely seemed quite different.

Yeah. Hacksaw Ridge is based on a true story.

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Both are based on a true story. Billie Lynn is about a squad of soliders who were honored at a football game in 2004. It is like a study on how Americans celebrate soldiers without regard for what they actually went through or some shit. Directed by Ang Lee so i am sure not everyone will understand it right away but it will win Oscars. As long as they dont go all Brokeback Mountain it should be good