Interesting tool for you Sous-vide guys.

You get $200 off if you preorder.


Lol. This. Chicken has to be on the grill.

I have a feeling my toaster oven is about to have an “accident”.

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Nice. Thanks. Will definitely have to look into getting one of those.

@Claude505 and @BalekFekete might be interested in this as well.

yeah that would be a good idea. Unfortunately i am rocking this beast right now and it shows no sings of failure anytime soon.

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I am surprised to here your thoughts on SV chicken. At what temperature are you cooking? Dark meat or white meat? I must admit I have only done chicken a couple of times with SV but have enjoyed the results. For memorial day I am planning to do 72 hour beef short ribs and SV BBQ chicken thighs.