Internet/networking question

I moved this weekend and I set up my new network at my house which now has 2 Xbox ones on it one Ethernet and one will be on WiFi, will it be necessary to designate one as DMZ host or will it matter with the direct connection to the router? The second console is mainly used for my nephews to play fifa and fortnite…if that matters.

I have two hooked up direct. One DMZ’d. Both seem to work fine.

The reason people put their XBox on the DMZ is it’s easier than creating Port Forward rules to get an Open NAT.

Can you get uPnP working? I know it’s a frowned upon thing but it should get both XBoxes working with an Open Nat.

What model number is your router?

I am running 2 xbox. One is wired one is wireless. Neither are in DMZ. I have the wireless one setup with port forwarding.

I have upnp set up on my router, and all consoles work fine on my network.

I’m running what they gave me when I started service with Comcast not sure what it is. Mine is on the Ethernet and it showed an ipv4 with open nat the other isn’t set up yet. If I connect it and it shows an open nat without setting up upnp or port forwarding it should run ok right ?


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How hard is is to set up port forwarding should it become necessary?

Nothing too hard. Check out They break it out by router model number and application.

Cool I’ll check that out if I have any issues. Thanks!

Comcast modems are easy to port forward… the biggest pain in the ass is sitting down and writing the 20 or so rules for all the damn ports you want open.
Oh and make sure you get the LAN or WAN mac for the Xbox you need to forward to and set a static IP on the LAN for both xboxes.
I’m not sure the UPNP will behave as expected on these Motorola Modems.
The best way to do it would be to set the modem into bridge mode and have a more robust 3rd party router directing the show, but the motorola will do the job.