Introducing Extensions: A Streaming Revolution

Extensions are interactive video player overlays and panels that can be installed directly on the channel page by streamers; what appears in that space is completely defined by you. You’ll now have the opportunity to revolutionize livestreaming by creating new interactions between streamers and viewers in ways that weren’t possible until now.

This could be big.
Does any other platform even compete with Twitch? (Mixer is clearly still behind).

As far as features go… no.

The only thing Mixer has over Twitch is FTL. Low latency streams that allow for faster interaction between Streamer and viewer.

Mixer is for the ADHD viewer. All the stupid buttons and sounds you can let people push annoy the shit out of me.

I do enjoy the idea of multi-streaming though, seems like that can help boost viewership.

@OmniscientShark - is there anything else Mixer does well?

Well this externsions thing on the surface sounds exactly like mixer interactive with the added benefit of overlaying on the actual stream, which admittedly is pretty cool. So I guess we will have to see which is “better” but Mixer has already been doing the basis for this for awhile. Yes, you have the soundboard buttons if you want to set them up, but that’s totally up to the caster and no one streamer uses them the same way. You can set buttons to wayyyy more than just sounds too. API pulls, gifs, videos, links, text commands, game controls (including joystick) and tons more. Also supports custom coding in a few different languages. One guy even has RC robots driving around his room in the background that you can control from the soundboard. So as far as “extensions” being groundbreaking… i mean ish I guess?

For me the best thing about Mixer is the community. I was never going to get more than like 10 viewers at a time on Twitch. All the streamers on Mixer are super supportive of each other, instead of an “everyone for themselves” feel like with Twitch. I never watched other streams on Twitch, I watch them daily on Mixer, because I genuinely enjoy the casters and play with othe streamers all the time.

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