Introducing Myself

Hi Everyone,

My name is Jeff, and I can be found on PS4 as Singard and on XB1 as Jeff the Zombie. I’m from Washington, D.C., 43 years old, and I work in communications/PR for a nonprofit—I have two kids (identical twin girls) and three dogs.

I’ve been gaming for a long time now and have played everything from MOHAA, COD(1), BF1942, BF2, Halo 2, and just about every other PC or console FPS that’s been released since Quake 2. Lately, I’ve been playing Destiny 2, BF1, and COD 4 on the PS4, where I will also definitely play COD:WW2.

I’ve been a part of clans and communities over the years, but lately most of my old gaming friends have moved on to other things outside of gaming, so it would be nice to join another regular group, particularly for raiding in Destiny 2. I’ve tried LFG options, but getting yelled at by teenagers for not making the jumping puzzles fast enough wasn’t much of a good time for me.

Hope to see some of you online!



Welcome to GRG. Now you will get yelled at by old men with vision and hearing problems.


Welcome aboard.

In all fairness, we mainly yell because of the hearing problems.

Welcome to GRG! Send me a FR on XB: JohnnyHustler and PSN: JohnnyBigRed

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Welcome, Sniper T1 on the X1.

Welcome to GRG
The Body Farmer on X1

Welcome to the jungle
xxReaperMANxx10 - XB1

Welcome to GRG! I added you to my XBox Friends list.

I’m also going to add you to the @PlayStationPlayers and @DestinyPlayers groups.

XBox GT: Lala Calamari

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Welcome to the club. Xbox: xxxNAILBUNNYxxx

Thanks everyone, it’s great to meet all of you!

Welcome Jeff!

I will send you a FR on PSN shortly and you can join the PSN community we have too if you like.
PSN: Olz_3

I have Destiny 2 and BF1, the former is very popular and the latter somewhat.
Not sure how many will be purchasing COD:WW2, it’s had mixed reviews here I think.

Hey welcome to GRG


Welcome to GRG! PSN: DuvalFunk

Welcome Jeff IIx SALT xII on XB1 and IIxSALTxII on PS4

welcome to the asylum


fucking jump puzzles…

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Welcome to GRG
GT beers and leafs

Welcome to the group. I am on the West Coast, Best Coast and generally jump on when the other guys are jumping off. Playing D2, The Division and Madden 18.

Don’t feed the animals or they will follow you around everywhere!!!


Xbox- mnvikesfan
Ps4- mnvikesfan612