Invasion of Normandy @ Skirmish 2018 Largest Paintball game ever!

As a few already know, the boys and I go out and play some paintball. We hit a lot of the different events around Philly with the largest being Invasion of Normany at Skirmish Paintball. This year they had well over 4000 players. It’s seriously a huge clustefuck of paintball with people of all skill ranges. Some go tryhard speedball setup, others go full Mil-Sim, a lot our filthy casuals and then you have the people dressed up in whacky costumes. Of course you also have full sized tanks. This isn’t the most fun paintball event, it’s more of a paintball convention.

What sets IoN apart from other events is the opening battle. They recreate the “Saving Private Ryan” scene and it’s just pure nuts. Everyone HAS to play Allies at some point (Allies tickets are so hard to get). This is our second time as Allies, my oldest didn’t play last year so he had to rush the beach once.

Unfortunately, the 3D printed GoPro mount was a bust so I just filmed with my camera. You can tell it’s me when I groan while ducking behind cover. Fucking old man body…

Us storming the beach (youngest is in the orange/white mask and jersey, oldest is in the red/white mask and black and grey jersey).

Shit show on the beach. So much chaos.

My oldest, Alec, was such a little kid. All he wanted was these smoke grenades so I got him a few. He was the Smokenator. He actually put them all in really good places to help the team. This one below is on a bunker that was really locking down that area. His smoke really blinded them and allowed about 20 allies to move to the very front. You can see Andrew (orange jersey) join in that push.

Masks on!

Bag Pipes!

2 Allies Tanks (there were a few more plus all the German tanks).

Meeting Wolf (big YouTube paintball guy)

Getting in line for the boats

I only took video on the beach. I forgot to take a pic. This was about 2 hours later. It was fookin hot out. Taking a much needed water break. Monster sponsored it and were giving out free drinks. Andrew is drinking some grape shit that tasted like cough medicine.

Andrew looking all pro. He ditched the jersey and just went with a dry fit shirt. Welts are a sign of a true warrior!

Alec lining up some Germans

A tank on the field! I wish I had a pic of the one German tank in the area. That one was awesome. Even had a light up display to show it was “Dead”.

Another Allied tank off in the distance

It was a fun day and a good way to spend with just the boys.


That sucks, what happened to it?
The day sounds awesome regardless.

I thought it was just going to be one solid piece. The arm snapped off the base completely. Might see if I can somehow glue it.

The day was a ton of fun.

Typical Lala sitting back making everyone else work. :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks like a load of fun!

LOL, it’s not easy to video with a phone and hold your gun. Actually, after I filmed the boat scene I did run up past my kids and got to the front line. Just said fuck it. Somehow no one shot this old, slow tall bastard.

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I won’t lie. Most of the time I’m just a mule carrying paint for the kids. I think they out shoot me 3 to 1.

Drone shot of the area.