Iron Banner 4/28 LFG

The Iron Banner returns to Destiny tomorrow the 28th. It’s been awhile since I’ve played Destiny and I’m really interested in playing some PvP. I should be on around 9ish EST and will start a party if one isn’t already going.

Apparantly you can earn some new loot. Like these spiffy helmets (not the mushroom tipped ones you all like).


You don’t like the purple mushroom head?


I will be there…hopefully.

Im sure if you’re in the Iron Banner you already know but im gonna throw it out there… It wont be anywhere near fun if you aren’t a lvl 30.

I am going to run it every night. Need the helmet for my hunter and titan. Don’t forget your Million Million Shader and buy the boon for extra xp.

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Convinced the wife to run Iron banner. I’m in the same boat with you sniper need the helmet for my hunter and Titan. And I want that hand cannon.

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A shoutout to the group I played with tonight! First sorry about leaving, Internet cut in the middle of the game!

That was the most fun I have had playing crucible! Every game was pretty dominate and everyone seemed to get along for the most part!


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I’m thinking so. I’m trying to sort out rooms for Community Night but I think Iron Banana will be the focus.

I’m game, hoping that tonight is not as glitchy as last night.

yep- Be on around 7 cst