Iron Banner 8/16

We had a good run of Iron Banner tonight. I was on for over 3 some hours and GRG won most of our games. Looking forward to some more tomorrow.

GG @Se7enstitch @Johneffinggalt @TexasReaperCrew @Sniper_T1 @EvolveYourself @DuvalFunk


BTW, the RNG still sucks balls. You all cleaned up, I got one drop and then an exotic from the 3 of coins usage.

RNG blessed me tonight, 2 exotics and 3 or 4 legendary. Not bad. Played ok, but we did well as a team. Good stuff

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I got two exotics, 2 of Fineala’s peril so me and RNG are cool.

I got one exotic, the Plan C. I’m not really a Fusion rifle player, I’d rather have a sniper.

I do wish this was Control rather than Clash. I also wished we had more open maps. I guess I really need to bring a shotty next time I play IB.

I got the Truth rocket launcher drop at a 315 or so, already had a 290 of it. Broke 290 down and “bought” suros regime

I started strong on my pulse rifle but ran into a few games were I was struggling with it. I switched to my 290ish Suros Regime and started melting fools. It’s still a good gun and I wasn’t hampered with the lower light level.

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I was using the Suros and switched to the pulse and just go lit up. Went back to the Suros and was at least close to even. LL only 290 but a lot of the other teams were even lower than that. That was the most fun I have had in a multi-player game in a long time. Helps that we won most of the games too.

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I picked up a couple of the handcannons last night. Had a good time with you fellas. We definitely did pretty damn good for most of the night. Good teamwork. Can’t wait to melt some faces again.

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I need to sort through my guns. I think I have enough stuff to get my Last word to 290 plus.