Iron Banner and me

I got my Titan done, LVL 5, my Hunter (master class) is almost done somewhere around 4.5 or so. I decided even though my Warlock has no business in the IB I’d give it a try, all I could do is lose. I give my Warlock my best weapons and ghost and she is sitting at about 257 light. I play my first game and i get thrown into a match but it is just a couple points into it so I think it wont be bad… It gets called when we are down by 10K. Very first time I’ve ever seen a match called. I’m thinking this must be my fault but I’ll try one more time just to make sure, after all I’ve seen other people play at that light. I check out everyone’s light before the game starts and no one is above 300 or below 290. We ended up losing but I came out on top of my team! I even lucked into a triple down with 2 rockets, and once with my shotgun and Warlock melee. The guys I was playing with should be embarrassed on both teams. Letting a low light like me get over 3K points in a game. I did have to play smarter and a bit different than how I normally play but I did well.

TL:DR Try out one of your low light characters, you might be surprised and you can pic up your class item for the next time IB rolls around.

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They say that gear level is so important in the Iron Banner but I didn’t really think it’s the case. While 257 vs a 300 sounds like a huge difference it most like really isn’t. Game play probably over comes the slight advantage they have in gear.

As for the Iron Banner. It was a very disappointing waste of time. In all the games I’ve played, I’ve only witnessed one weapon drop. WTF. I’ve played a ton of hours on 4 nights just saw shit for drops. That’s not just for me but for my entire party. It’s just really sucks.

At this point, I need to finish out my huntard to get that damn pulse rifle. I’m about 400 points shy.

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yeah everyone is upset at the low drop rate which wasn’t supposed to be low. I think they will figure it out and fix it next time. they said you shouldn’t have to buy anything unless RNG hates you. I got a few things but nothing spectacular.

Did buy the Pulse Rifle tonight. It’s ok. Not sure if I’m in love with it. Also got the Hacksaw on a drop in the Heroic Strikes.

I think I’m done with IB this go around, hopefully the drops will be fixed for next time. Ran a few heroic strikes, and walked away with an exotic engram that turned to a telesto, and a legendary engram that turned into last word. Also got a few blues, one of which turned into Apple of discord. Pretty good night, and only played for around 2 hours.

IB Pulse Rifle is BAE. Two bursts headshots and it’s guardian down!
I chewed up a bunch of fools using it on my alt after getting it with my primary.

We don’t use the term BAE in this community. Thanks for understanding!


WTF is a BAE. Is that like Prolly and Tho?

No wonder @Claude505 went into hiding…

I hate to admit you’re right ever :slight_smile: but you’re right, at least in standard crucible. Last night in IB there must have been a couple very low light opponents that I did in with 2 bursts.

PS Gunnys Sister is BAE.

That’s definitely part of it. Y’all just let me know when there’s a game worth my time and I’ll be back. Until then, with all due respect, fuck off.

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Who are you?

Someone else must be using Claude’s computer.

Landdon returned the hack.