Iron Banner

I will be on for a couple of hours starting around 9 eastern for the final night. Bought the hand cannon, cloak and helmet for my hunter. Out of glimmer now so I will be running it just for kicks. It was a lot of fun running it this week with everyone. It seems interest in the game picked up with the upcoming release of HOW.

I think the increased interest in IB is due to two things:

  • Impending drop of Trials of Osiris and the need to improve in PvP
  • Getting to 32 for those who dont raid a lot
    Or I just may be projecting my own motivations on others :smile:

Iron Banner has been making me rage lately. It seems I either have a very good game or a very shitty game. Games have been very lopsided for me. I am also really starting to hate that there is a radar in the game.