Is Kinect dead ? Is this guy right ?

kinect died as soon as they started delling xbone without it. here is a list of games designed for kinect:
Kinect Sports Rivals
Just Dance 2014
Xbox FitnessZumba
Fitness World Party
Fighter Within

yep thats it. And nobody is developing a game for it, because most xbones sole now are without the knect. Even the next just dance can use your camera on your phone (not sure how well it works), they said that a device camera like the PS eye and the kinect are not necessary.

its dead. It’s been dead.

As a game peripheral it is dead.

The tech is great for being lazy, telling your xbox what to do, skype with the family,and for a web cam for streaming to twitch.

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It’s a shame really. Cause it really| is an impressive piece of tech. Too bad the gaming industry lacks the imagination to come up with something other than dance and sports games for it.