Is My Kid Cheating And Risking My Account Being Banned?

I’m not sure how this works anymore, but I remember people who had modded Xbox 360’s often had their accounts banned. So…my step-son wants to do a bunch of crazy shit to get some world on his Terraria game for the Xbox One.

It involves logging into Terraria on the Xbox 360 and copying your Gamertag profile to a USB flash drive. Then you have to get on a computer and download something called “Horizon”. Once your flash drive is in the PC this Horizon app allows you to change some details of the data on the flash drive. Then you go BACK to the 360 and load up Terraria with the USB plugged in. Then there’s a bunch of copying or uploading shit that’s confusing to me. I know nothing about this game other than it looks like it’s from a NES. After all of this you go onto Terraria on your Xbox One and I guess download the world from your 360 profile/cloud.

My concern…is this considered modding? Does this sound like a ban-able offense? My fear is he’ll go online with this to show it off and people with be dicks like people always are online, and start reporting him…and wind up getting my account banned. I’ve already displayed my displeasure to his Mother…who told him he could do this. If I’m the least bit concerned that he’s doing shady shit on my account, well then his Mother can buy him his own damn account. Anyways…thanks for any info on this. I’ll add the youtube video with all the instructions if anyone is that bored…cause it’s a bit long.

There is no way I would let that happen on my account

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I’m not sure, but why not set him up on his account anyway?
It only takes a msg or a bit of voice chat and you could get banned.

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Agree with the above - this is shady as shit and very likely bannable if the devs were to get wind of it.

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I currently pay Xbox a yearly subscription fee that includes my entire family on my account. If we added another account it would be another $60 that I’m not paying. I told him if he wants to cheat so bad, next time he wants a game he needs to buy his own Xbox live account instead.

Thanks to those who responded. I thought maybe I was being overly paranoid, but it seems my concerns were validated.