Is the Nail in the Coffin for Anthem?

Exec Preoducer, Lead Producer, and Director all move focus to Dragon Age 4. Lead Producer Ben Irving and Head of Live Service Chad Robertson will be running things for Anthem.

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Someday i will learn…but i keep hoping that this game will be become the gold i believed it was…all evidence to the contrary

At this point I’m worrying about Bioware as a whole not just Anthem. They killed Mass Effect so fast, and then the shit show that is Anthem and their inability or unwillingness to fix it (to be fair the game has its pluses). I’m a fan of the Dragon Age series, but I don’t think it will work as an Mmo. I’m not holding my breath that Activision keeps the doors open.

I’d imagine if DA fails as well, Bioware will shut down.

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You can only take so many L’s before the white flag gets raised

I feel a third strike coming with Dragon Age MMO.

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