Is Twitch site having problems ???

For the last three days I have tried to log on the Twitch web site and have had no luck . I have done everything I know to get logged on . The Twitch site keeps telling an e-mail has been sent to re-set my account an yet , I have not gotten an e-mail from them yet . All I am trying to do is link my gamer tag to the Xbox One . Any suggestion on what to do ?

I was gonna ask the same question.

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Did you check the spam folder for their password reset email?

Had the same problem, reset password and all was right in the world

Went to Twitch’s Help Center and made a ticket about not being able to log on . Twitch sent me an e-mail to re-set password which didn’t work . Twitch Help Center sent another wanting me to fill out a new form to join Twitch which of course , did’t work !!!

Operator error? Just kidding.

Sounds like something Twitch is gonna have to work out. Not sure why it wouldn’t let you create an account from a form they sent you in email.

Tried three times and it would not work . Going to make another Help Ticket explaining that the first help ticket failed .

After five attempt 's , 2 help tickets I was finally allowed to log on .