It's not the Show, but it could be a fun league or something...

The smell of freshly cut grass is in the air. The Cracker Jack company is reporting huge profits. Ball players everywhere are practicing their obsessive-compulsive at-bat superstitions. Baseball is nearly back, and while many Xbox fans yearn for a true baseball sim, the R.B.I. series is going on its third consecutive year of bringing arcade style MLB gameplay and visuals to consoles. This year’s game will arrive on March 29th digitally, announced MLBAM, the series’ development studio. Additionally, and to the delight of physical-only gamers, the following week, April 5th, will see an on-disc version of the game come to brick and mortar stores.

The game’s box art will star Red Sox outfielder, and perfect name for baseball, Mookie Betts, except for in Canada. Those in the northernmost area of North America will have a closer to home star, Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Marcus Stroman, on their boxes.

This year’s game brings new gameplay mechanics that’ll expand your repertoire. Dives, wall catches, and fake throws will help you command the field. For the first time in the series, double switches will also be available when it’s your turn at bat. Both online and couch multiplayer will be available in the game which, despite its physical release, will remain at the $19.99 price point.

Fucking hell I want a baseball game. Idk if this will do it for me or not

Actually playing wise nothing comes close to The Show and is the main reason I would want a ps4. I will stick to Out of the Park on my computer.

Pass until I see some damn good reviews. The past RBI for xbox were so bad they should have paid me to play them.

I am all over The Show anyway.

It was nice knowing you Dig.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know it’s not the Show, and nothing compares to it yet, but I was just thinking of us xboxers with no real baseball game. I will get the Show also, but I always have to bite with my son to let me play on his PS4.

If the game was good I would get it but that hasn’t been the case their first 2 tries. Regardless of me getting The Show. I have wanted a good baseball game for XBOX as I know I can get sports tournaments going easily.

I love the arcade of Be a Pro which is my main draw of The Show.

@anon42851937 and I are in love with OOTP and the simulation aspect of it. You can start from any year in history and have those players available to run seasons or do whatever you want with it. You can sim out the entire history of baseball to see what happened differently, or pick your own spot to take over a team. The amount of what you can within the game is amazing. Only thing missing is actually playing the games as manage only is the closest you get but I love it.

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