I've had it. Comcast can at least blow me. They're screwing me already as it is.

Ok. I’m paying for Comcast’s blast service which is 90 megs down. I understand at peak times it’ll be slower. I get that. But right now it’s at a range of .5 (yes, you saw that right… .5) to 4 megs. Mysteriously when my technician always appears it miraculously jumps to at least 30 megs and I get the, “well, it says 90 but you have to expect a spread.” It has never been fucking 90. Ever. That’s false advertising, but it’s a monopoly and I have no recourse I can think of short of sneaking a shit in the technicians truck while he’s in my house.

Anyone here got some advice for dealing with these fucks?

The only way is to get away from Co-ax. We have dedicated fibre right to the home, if that’s not available there has to be a copper/fibre service that is available. Anything but Co-ax and you won’t get the ‘peak times’ bullshit.

I have no advice but I see streamers and gamers complaining on twitter all the time. It normally takes them pestering the hell out the the company. Normally they send tech after tech. They will probably change your modem out, and eventually will escalate the problem up to a supervisor. That normally goes on for a few weeks and then all of a sudden it just works as it should.

That politician that said America has plenty of options for high speed internet is a fool. Most of us are stuck with one provider that sucks ass.

To comment on what Beers said… I have fiber to the main box in the neighborhood. Then co-ax to the house. It could be that I live near older folks but I never run into peak time issues.

Unless you have what Digital has with Fiber to the box then coax to the home, you’re in a daisy chain network, which was antiquated 20 years ago as far as networking tech goes. Unless you can find something that takes you direct to the trunk with your own line like DSL or Fiber, you’re going to be competing with neighbors for speed. My parents have the old as shit cable internet lines, and with speeds double my DSL, they get shitty performance just watching Netflix. I get better performance even with the rest of the kids trying to hog up the network.

I know I’m last leg, but should I be sold a service I’ve used for the past year without my network even having the capability to reach those speeds. Even at night, like 2am, I’m barely getting 9 megs.

Edit: was on phone with customer service…I’m paying for 200 megs down. Never ever ever seen even close to that.

Yeah bug the shit out of them. You can try and threaten to leave.

Have they checked the signal strength. Make sure the tech is checking the signal to noise level on your line.

The main question is why are you paying that much for service you aren’t getting? Clearly they can’t deliver the speed to your house (for whatever reason). You might as well bump it to basic speeds and just pay that price.

Comcast sucks so bad. I had them when I first moved into my house. I threw the tech out when she banged on my TV because we couldn’t get the signal clear. I switched to Dish the next day. Finally I moved to Verizon and FIOS when it became available. Verizon is a fucktarded asshole company as well but at least with DSL and FIOS you get the speed you pay. It’s a direct connection.

It’s amazing they can’t get any decent speed to you.

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I’m obviously paying for it because I’m an idiot.

The real reason is I only have 3 basic options. I cut the cord a while ago so I only pay for internet. If I only wanted a 10 meg max connection, I’d pay 50 bucks a month. For a 20 meg connection I’d pay 80. So why not shell out for blast which offers 200 megs for 95 bucks?

The fact my internet bill is still close to 100 is unbelievable to me anyway. If I bought a package it’d be slightly cheaper, but the promo price would eventually go away and I’d end up paying even more.

I got to stop. I’m getting worked up just thinking about this shit.

And with this set-up you won’t. You only will with the full Co-ax service. We run Fibre to the house and just use the existing Co-ax inside if needed and it works great.

And, one thing to remember is your paying for up to that speed, so if you’re getting 10% or 100% of the speed they don’t care. And, they’ll also only care if the Gateway at your end is theirs, if it’s not then too bad for you and you get what you get.

While I had issues in the past with comcast (non-internet) the first thing to do is get rid of their POS modem. Once you get a real piece of equipment, it can make a huge difference.

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I totally agree, but coming from someone who deals with it every day, if it’s not our modem on the end, then too bad for you. We throw our tester on the end show the speed we have and you can suck it.

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Easiest solution is for @FetalInjury to move out of Deliverance County and into civilization. I understand he loves canoe trips and banjos and all so that will never happen.


I’d probably just jump off a building at this point

Sorry your shit sucks, dude. I’m helping in spirit as I know nothing about it


Where do they test signal from? Before or after the Comcast modem? If the signal sucks before the modem then he’s just fucked. I’m not sure what they will or can do for Fetal. Buying a new modem or replacing the one they give you won’t make a bit of difference.

Now if that signal is fine before the modem but is shit after it, then we know what the issue is.

I’m also assuming we’re talking about speeds at that point and that point only. Not a wifi connected pc testing speeds.

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you can have them test at multiple locations if its coming into the house ok. maybe its a splitter or something causing issue.

you really have to force the guy to try different things. those guys want to spend the least amount time there as possible. think they are paid per job or some thing like that. Plus they usually have a very full schedule.

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I read that as Rabb is offering free service to all.


Yes, I have noticed that as well. No contractors.

Ok. Had to use my planning period, and lunch to go home and wait for this fucker. He showed up about 15 mins ago, was gone in 5. He used his phone to test the line and miraculously he was getting 240 right next to the modem. I tried to tell him that’s nice and all, but I’m never here before 3:30 on a weekday so it being fast now doesn’t help me.

He pretty much said tough titties. They’re providing 220-250 (now found out blast is 250 according to him). I used the ookla tester in front of him and was getting a smidge less so his times were correct. I tried to tell hm he needs to show up between 4 and 6, and 8 til 1am. He said it’ll be some time before anyone will be available again. They only have 3 techs working in my county.

He works for Comcast. Has the nice shirt, and truck and everything. He’s not a contractor. He said fiber connects to a box in my neighborhood (a neighborhood with about twenty houses over a couple of square miles) but coax to the house.

Then he grabbed his nuts, spit on my dog and said, “sayonara!”

That’s how I feel anyway. For some reason my internet always gets better whenever these fucks come. Well, I’m testing for a full week now with screen shots with dates and time for proof. Annnddd now I have to drive back and eat a granola bar for lunch.

I heart Comcast.

You fucking hippy. I bet you wear birkenstocks.

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