Jack Box Party Pack

So this is interesting. I went to watch my usual stream on twitch and i guess its a staff members birthday. They start up a PS4 stream and give out a code… I soon realize that they are playing a game, using the PS4 as the “board” and using phones, tablets, PCs, to participate. They are playing with 8 people in their chat. It’s pretty neat.

Thus it’s possible to have like a board game night with GRG… dunno if we could actual organize it… but i just thought it was a neat option.

to be clear, only one console streaming is needed, everyone else would you a phone, PC, or tablet to participate.


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Yes, I got this last year for my Xbox and played a bit with the family.
haven’t tried it online, but that would be a good time.

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It’s a lot of fun we play it every time we go see my wife’s family. Big hit the last 2 years for holiday gatherings. Real easy to do online. Go to the website it gives u and every time a game starts it gives u a password to get in the room.