Jack Ryan

Anyone catch this show yet. Watched the first few episodes. So far pretty good spy thriller.

Didn’t it just come out today?

Two days ago I think. Just saw it pop up on my screen.

It did, but grex does nothing else…

Yes want to catch it. Probably watch the first episode tonight

Definitely at least yesterday. Either way. I recommend it.

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I think my wife and I are going to start this up tonight.

Watched a few episodes tonight at work and it’s pretty good. Not something I’d rewatch but I like it so far. Decent action with your somewhat typical terrorist theme.

John Krasinski makes mrs kfks private parts all tingley so im sure we will watch it.

Watched ep 1…damn good imho

I tore through the eight episodes pretty quick. Not bad.

Same. I really enjoyed this and wrapped it up in like 2 days.

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I really liked it, we got through 6 episodes today and will try to finish it up tomorrow

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Kinda maybe spoilery:I read all of the books back in the day (80’s and 90’s) and this series reminded me of some of the Tom clancy standby’s. Flesh a character out, make you like them, or dislike them then kill them. act of god coincidences/luck:…omg can this guy get any luckier.

Thankfully Hurricane Flo was a non-event here. But with the governor enacting the mandatory evacuation, there was nothing to do but sit around and watch TV. Finished the first season. Do recommend. Krasinski is kinda perfect for the role.

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Read the books too. I like the way they did the show, starting at the beginning where he meets his wife. They have set it up nicely for long running series.

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SPOILER ALERT, Dick! Didn’t know they get married. Not a neck-beard. Don’t read.

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well, to be fair she is doctor and we know Mrs Ryan was a doctor as well so we conclude they get married but this chick could totally get killed off and not be THE Dr. Ryan…we have no way of knowing

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Did no realize we started this without spoiler alert warning. With the books and all the movies I did not think anyone would not know the story line by now.

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Claude is special and need hand held!