Jackbox Party Pack 4 Release Date Announced

The team at Jackbox have been busy working away on The Jackbox Party Pack 4, the latest in the popular party-game compilation series, since it was revealed to the world five months ago. Now they’ve announced the release date for the five (and a half!) game compilation alongside some screenshots and a new trailer.

Instead of just dropping twenty screenshots on you all at once, we’ve split them up for each separate mini-game, with a small blurb for each to let you know what each one is about.


Anywhere from three to sixteen players can place bets on stupid arguments like the ones you can see above.

Civic Doodle

Three to eight players take turns to one-up each other in an attempt to improve a town’s murals.

Fibbage 3

For those that don’t know of it already, two to eight players try to trick each other into believing their answer to a question is the right one.

Fibbage: Enough About You

Here’s where the “half” comes in, this is a new spin on Fibbage where three to eight players try to guess weird facts about each other.

Monster Seeking Monster

Three to seven players play as monsters looking for love with other monsters, all of whom have special powers.

Survive The Internet

Three to eight players attempt to twist each others’ words using the backdrop of the internet and social media.

To see them all in snippets of gameplay, you can also check out this minute long trailer below for the entire compilation, done in the style of a shopping channel.

The Jackbox Party Pack 4 comes to Xbox One on October 20th.


Will be a buy for me. Wife’s family get a cabin for christmas for a couple days. We always play jackbox party with everyone.

These games seem popular for streamers as well due to interactivity with the audience. I’ve kicked around getting the Jackbox on occasion.

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I have never played a jack box game in my life.