Jedi Fallen Order

So I need to get a new Xbox soon here and they are currently running a good deal one Xbox One X. The bundle had Jedi Fallen Order, but already have the game, so wanted to see if there was anyone here thinking about getting the game and would like get to my copy cheap.

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Can’t hold out on the XBox purchase until the fall when the new one is out?

My system the launch system of the Xbox One and starting to show that 7 years old age.
I have had game locks, system locks, glitches… basically on its last legs.
Not sure if it will make it till the fall. I would sooner wait and get the new system, or and Xbox One X at a possible cheaper cost, but if I have a chance now to get a deal, sell off the game I do not need to someone who wants it, makes it cheap for me and had to pass up.
If no one takes the offer, no big deal, I’ll let the system go as long as I can and hope I can just get a Series X.

I just upgraded as well to the X. Same situation where I have the code available.

The do have the Gears package at Walmart that I could get, but not a fan of Gears and have access to them via Game Pass.
The packages just don’t work right now for me.
I know there will be a new bundle when E3 comes and could bring the good deal as well.

I recently had a major scare with my Xbox X. Thought CoD MW killed it.

I’m not sure if there are any decent refurb deals. Or look at getting the diskless slim for 150.

I looked at GameStop for used and refers, but the cost is not that much less than new.
Plus this is an item that I will be keeping for year, so rather go new and get the best out there knowing I will have it for a long time.

I’d honestly go for a cheap S version or something and wait for the series x, unless that’s not a big deal to you to get the new stuff right away. The X is pretty nice though to have though, although withough a 4k tv it’s just a bit of a performance upgrade for way more money

I could get the digital version for 171 on Amazon, but that is 171 that I could use toward the series X. And even if I was going to get the digital one, rather drop the extra and get the XB1X know that will be supported for way longer than the XB1 S and digital. Microsoft has come out saying that the lower tier units only have a few more years of support left in them.

Xbox X was $350 for me.

The deal is 299 right now.
But I have a feeling the units will be the same price around E3 and new pack-in game.