Juggernaught Helping players win more Warzone games

According to popular YouTuber JGOD, winning in Warzone has never been easier, and you can win games 75% of the time.

Warzone is supposed to be a competitive battle royale, where aim, positioning & quick-thinking are key. That is until Juggernauts were added to the game. As of writing, there are a total of 3 strategies to get a juggernaut, of which, 2 guarantees a juggernaut.

According to YouTuber JGOD in a video he made regarding this topic, he explains how to use this strategy to win significantly more games.

The Strategy

First, Complete an Easter Egg or use a Red Key Card to open a bunker. The Easter egg options are the Stadium Easter Egg or the Subway Easter Egg.

The Subway easter egg is the easiest of the two and guarantees you a Juggernaut suit. Once you are well-versed with doing the Subway easter egg, you’ll get a suit every game. For Red Key Cards, follow this guide.

After you get the suit, call it in. You will have unlimited ammo in your minigun. If it is early in the game, players will most likely not go out of their way to hunt you down due to your high HP pool, so you can use one of the two strategies.

  • Strategy 1: Drive the Juggernaut around in a truck convoy. Gun down enemies who get in your way and continue on. Allow the juggernaut to finish off downed players so he can regen health. If done right and with trophy systems, you can do this to win a full game.
  • Strategy 2: Drive around with the Juggernaut but do recon missions. You will be undisturbed the entire time due to players not wanting to engage in a gunfight with you. Do the recons until you can see the final circle. From here it’s simple – just sit in the last circle and the win is virtually guaranteed if your team is coordinated.

What happens if I’m faced against a Juggernaut?

It is difficult to counter the Juggernaut if you do not have certain weapons on you. The best way to counter the juggernaut is the Precision Airstrike, which will eliminate him in just one well placed hit. Second to this is the JAK-12 shotgun with Frag Rounds, which do decent damage to Juggernauts, but require close range. Overall, your best bet is to carry an airstrike and keep distance.

What players have to say about Juggernauts in Warzone.

We asked both top player OPMarked & JGOD on their opinions. Here’s what they said.

They don’t belong in Warzone outside of an LTM and the stats should not count. Top players can organically have 20+ KDs while winning 75% of their matches. JGOD

I personally think that the Juggernaut takes away from the whole aspect of a BR game, I understand that what makes Warzone so fun is the differences it has from traditional BRs. With that being said, Juggernaut definitely is a HUGE advantage when it comes to having a team that knows how to play around it. I do believe that it is easy to kill a Juggernaut if you know how, which is to have range on him. But as far as it providing worse players with more wins, it all depends on how you play with the Juggernaut.OPMARKED

Hopefully, over time we see a patch deployed for the game to reduce the number of Juggernauts in Warzone, or they get axed entirely. Until then, be on the lookout, and don’t forget to carry around a Precision Airstrike.