Jumped back in and need help

So yesterday, after probably what seems like an eternity, I popped Destiny back in and grabbed the update. Haven’t pre-ordered TTK yet. Mainly being bored and now curious. There are some little tweaks that I like and the game is solid. But was bit lost as I am seeing a lot on reddit about a ton of broken stuff like patrol rewards and some confusing stuff about what I should be doing now. seems a lot was only half added and the rest comes when ttk drops. Which I don’t have the faintest idea why they did that. Makes no sense.

I played around with the new weapons doing some bounties and jumped into the crucible a bit. Played two matches went positive on both. Surprisingly enough.

I got a warlock at 34 and a Titan at 10. Should I even rank the titan up or wait until after ttk? Or just delete that character and start over after ttk?

Not idea what this moments of triumph thing is and what it is for? Still got a bunch to unlock on that think so pretty much a lost cause there. Another thing that pissed me off about this game. They don’t explain shit in game.

Well, if true, probably to get everyone to buy TTK. Because, you know…Activision.

Might be easier to answer questions on Twitch or PSN chat as they come up.

Also there’s a lot to tell.

Levelling lv10 Titan? Up to you.
Most of the TTK changes won’t affect early progress so doing it now shouldn’t make much difference.

I’d only start again if you want to hear all the Dinklebot-Nolandroid line changes.
You have a third slot for that anyway.

Moments of Triumph is an award for those players who have already invested the time/skill to complete a bunch of things, most notably including both Raids on Hard, Lv35 PoE and finding all the golden chests.
I think it rewards you with a shader and emblem, perhaps one or two other pieces but to me they’re purely decorative.

Crucible is in a strange place with the recent weapon rebalancing meaning players are trying out different and new playstyles, plus the new mode and easier bounties meaning people are drifting onto different playlists.

Most new content is locked by the DLC, 2.0.0 changes were largely cosmetic, mechanical and affect the metagame.

I’d say there’s two different approaches for the next few days, depending on if you want to become as strong as you can as fast as possible versus enjoying the game at your own pace and finding some things a challenge for a while longer.

There’s a lot on reddit, although annoyingly some spoilers to avoid if you prefer surprises.

Some of the current Crucible rewards are ‘new’.
Noticed blue weapons I don’t recognise and even a few ghost shells with effects and defence.

Didn’t I hear someone say new characters start at level 25?

I played the hell out of this game for 9 months. I wont be getting the moments of triumph award because I didn’t hunt down all the gold chests. They didn’t have anything of value to me. I also never completed a level 35 POE.

Something about getting a boost item on Tuesday that will get you to 25.

Not sure if immediate or just boosts XP gains.

It’s only an emblem.

Bungie is introducing a new item called a Spark of Light that will be waiting for all players at the Postmaster. It’s a one-time-use object that allows players to instantly rank up a single character to level 25 and unlock The Taken King’s campaign. Making it all the way to level 40 will unlock the ability to use endgame legendary gear.

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