Just another random to the mix

Not really much interesting things going on my end.

Just a fellow hobby loving enthusiast like the rest of you fine folk .

Besides that I just have a really Competitive/aggressive play style when it comes to shooters in general.

Anyway hope that I can call GRG home it’s been awhile since I’ve been apart of a solid community.

Xbox GT - God6032

I also have steam but no pc atm https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198122428496

From Baltimore with love :metal:


“fine folk” you sure you joined the right site? Welcome aboard!

Edit to add… What system you on? GT?

Welcome to the club. Other than the system selection what kinda shooters have you been playing?

100 percent positive lol I’ve had a friend in GRG for awhile and met others through him solid group of people imo.

Currently only xbox one (God6032) however I did have a pc at a time and currently rebuilding process but my steam is https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198122428496.

And mostly in the shooter section it’s Battlefield, Cod, DayZ,ghost recon,gta and so forth.

On pc it was games such as Squad,Arma,Escape from tarkov, DayZ, Miscreated and so on.

I also do play RTS games such as civ,Stellaris,company of heroes etc.


Welcome to GRG

Welcome to GRG!

What platform / games are you playing? (I know but the rest of GRG doesn’t). Add that to the post and your profile so people can get you on their friends list.


COD is obviously a hot one right now, BF might still get a little interest from some.

I’ve definitely found the friend.

Should be updated my phones been acting up since I dropped it so if it hasn’t on the sites end I’ll try again.

Lmfao one of many.

I met Lala through soulless whom is who told about the community.


Welcome to the community.

Actually that would be me lol I introduced him to the others though before he joined


Welcome to GRG

GT beers and leafs

Ah, you’re saying I should blame Soulless. Check.