Just caved and got an Xbone.

Some family bought me some junk from Costco for xmas and I returned it. Surprisingly Costco doesn’t have much I want, so I figured fuck it, I’ll just use the credit and get an xbone and a couple of games.

I got the new COD even though my brother says it sucks cause I figured you assholes still play it. I also got the new titanfall cause he says that game rocks. I figure I’ll be on in an hour at most so if anyone is out there post a reply on here because I might have to get a new Xbox name. Any suggestions? You have less than an hour


Great news. I know @beers_and_leafs will be happy to have another COD player.

FetalPosition ?

Seriously though I hate making screen names. Good luck. I think you get 1 free change but I am not 100%.

I’d place a bet that you will return COD.

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Sweet dude. Should be able to just pick up your old name unless you want a new one. I am on Titanfall a good amount and usually run a custom lobby on Monday nights.

If you still have your login for your XBL account, you should still have your old tag. I think they cleanup they did was for tags not used in the last 5 years or so.

Yeah. Got my old account. Most of you fuckers dropped me as a friend except grex. Thanks for the faith Grex.

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He just is lazy.

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Shit, I thought we’d never hear fucking fetal muttered amongst the masses again! Welcome back!

FYI, madden league is limping along, maybe you should teach @shortbus, @D1G1TALC1PHERS, and @TexasReaperCrew how to play

I figure I’m only going to get a game or two a year. I just don’t have the time to play more than maybe one night a week and the weekends maybe. Christmas and summer breaks will be a bit different.

We’re those game picks a bad idea? What’s the clan usually play once a week? Is there a weekly standard, or is it become a game de jour thing?

Battlefield 1 currently has a bigger following in GRG than COD.

Should I return the Cod and get BF?

Beers will be upset but we fill parties with BF. Very few playing COD.

Fuck beers. Amiright?


Seriously…bout how many play cod? Is bf the same as it’s always been, squad play with limited mm, or is it better?

It’s still squad play, but it’s better about getting people in game in multiple squads. It’s after the match we have to mess with teams because the balancing tends to move squads around.

I still kept you just to avoid you if you ever bought an XBox 1. Now I can avoid you. Looks like I’ll have to start playing some Titanfall 2. Maybe even get CoD (ugh), you may like it since you missed a few versions.

Also, check out Battlefield 1. A lot of us are into that. And if you’re in Madden, get in @D1G1TALC1PHERS’s league to kick their asses.

Is anyone going to be on tonight? I think I’m going to return CoD (fuck beers) and get BF1.

everyone bought ps4’s

youre fucked fucking fetal

Not enough to keep you happy.