Just in Case You Want to Use Your Keys Before the Wipe

Every key in Warzone 2 DMZ & where to use them

Location DMZ Key Where to use
Ahmed Grocery Store Office H5 Office room inside the grocery store
Airport Maintenance G5 Inside the Yum Yum Burger Restaurant kitchen’s storage
Al Bagra Barrack G7 Underneath Eastern building in a room with antiques
Al Bagra Fortress Antiquities G7 2nd floor of the palace area
Al Bagra Munitions Storeroom F7 Underneath the South West building of the fortress
Al Bagra Officers Quarters G7 Top floor of the Fortress, Eastern wing
Al Bagra Underground G6 South of the Al-Bagra Fortress
Al Sa’id Shopping Centre D6 2nd Floor
Al Sharim Pass Elders Room G5 On top of the highest mountain in Al Sharim Pass
Room located on the 2nd floor balcony of a building West of the Mountaintop Spotter Shack
Al Safwa Stone Block Office C4 Rectangular building by the intersection, to the southeast of Al-Safwa Quarry
Algae Covered Toolbox F3 Underwater in the River Canal
Art Museum F3 Art Museum on your Tac-Map
Bank of Adal 2nd / TS Office D7 -2nd floor of the National Bank of Adal building
-3rd floor of the National Bank of Adal building
B.C. Toolbox G5 Airport’s baggage carousel maintenance area
Canal Apartment 10 F3 Room 103
Captain’s Cache E8 Inside the partially sunk bridge of the ship
Caretaker’s House D7 South of the Cemetery
Caretaker’s Toolbox D7 Inside duffel bag
Cavern Boat Dock Shack D7 Inside shack at end of the river bank
Central Sa’ld Top Floor Apartment C6 Middle left of grid C6
Central Zaya Meeting room E6 Inside the building at the center of the Observatory
Ch 7 Editorial Department F2 Top floor in Editorial Department Room
Ch 7 Secure Records F2 North East of the CH 7 building
Chemical Storage Warehouse B4 South of Al-Safwa Quarry
Clock Repair Tools F7 Top of the tower
Control Tower G7 Southern area of the airport
Crane Control Room B3 Grey door leading into the crane
Deckhand’s Toolbox E8 Underwater facing the front of the bridge
Downtown Post Office F4 Mail icon on your map in Al-Mazrah City
Groundskeeper Building E6 Inside building with satellite antenna on roof
Far South Eastern Storage Closet H5 Inside duffel bag found in storage closet
Hafid Ship Bridge Cache B6 Top floor of the ship bridge tower
Hafid Ship First Mate Cache B6 One floor below the ship’s bridge
Hydro Island Computer E4 Back room of the red building next to a pond
IHTAQ Warehouse Supply Room C6 Inside the largest Hafid Port warehouse
Kushaak Construction Warehouse B4 2nd Floor of the Kushaak Warehouse
Longshoreman’s Duffel Bag B6 Concrete platform out at sea, south of the broken metal bridge.
Mawizeh Cell Shop F4 Scattered on the floor inside the Cell Shop
Mawizeh Resort Bungalow F5 Inside one of the unfinished houses
Mawizeh Power Control G4 Small booth below water tower
Mawizeh Slum Discarded Cache F4 Under the bridge
Mountaintop Spotter Shack G5 Top of the highest mountain in Al Sharim
North Canals Info Booth F3 Info both beside the river
Old Lighthouse Citadel Room E6 Ground floor of the Lighthouse
Omar’s Auto Repair D7 Inside a garage at Sawah Village
Police Academy G3 Police Badge icon on the map
Police Academy Locker Room G4 First floor
Police Academy Server Locker Room G4 First floor
Power Substation Toolbox D7 Toolbox next to generator
Quarry Worker’s Lost Toolbox B4 In the water between the warehouses
Retro Fridge H6 Fridge inside the crater
Rohan Control Room Locker D3 Enter control room
Find staircase leading underground and look for locker
Rohan Oil North Guard Shack D3 Northern edge of Rohan Oil
Rohan Oil South Guard Shack D3 Guard shack around eastern oil tanks in Rohan Oil
Sa’id Mall Security Room D6 2nd floor of Sa’id mall, west side
Sattiq Poppy Farm House C4 Small village to the West of Sattiq Cave Complex
Sattiq Guest Quarters D4 Enemy encampment North of Sattiq Cave Complex
Sawah Crypto Mining Farm D7 Inside grocery store
Sawah Hotel Room 302/303 D7 Room 302 fourth floor
Room 303 fourth floor
Scientist’s Locker F5 Locker inside bunker
Special Forces Dead Drop G2 Under the radio tower
Special Ops Relay Station B6 Southwest corner of the Hafid Port
South Al Bagra Top Floor Bedroom G7 East of the Fortress
South Bank Apartment D6 3rd floor of the apartment next to the hotel
South Zaya Scientists Apartment E6 Building south section of the Observatory, 2nd floor
Sunken Ship Thief’s Cache E8 Duffel bag underwater by sunken ship
Taraq River Supply Shack E2 Inside a shack by the river
Taraq Smugglers Office E2 1st floor of shack by the river
Taraq Tunnels Workbench Cache E2 Underground tunnel at Taraq Village
Tower Conference Room G7 Control Tower icon
Traveler’s Luggage G6 Next to seats in southern area of airport, 2nd floor
U.S. Embassy F3 Marked on tac-map as US Embassy
Under Freeway East Warehouse G4 South of Police Academy, along the highway
Weapons Repair Kit D4 Inside the Sattiq Cave Complex
West Zarqwa Safe House E4 2nd floor of the safe house
Yum Yum Burger Back Room G3 Behind the cashier’s counter
Zarqwa Market Storage E4 Near the river of Zarqwa Hydroelectric
Zarqwa Red Village Appartment E4 3rd Floor of the apartment building
Zaya Radar Dome E5 Under dome


Do the keys even give you anything?

Most of them are just to get a loot jump start.