just joined

excited to be a part of a clan.

Day one on xbone, and recently bought and started playing destiny on ps4, so hit me up any time this weekend.

Looking to game!

Welcome to the asylum.

Xbox live: Grex

Welcome to GRG!

XBL: JohnnyHustler
PSN: JohnnyBigRed

Welcome to hell.

GT beers and leafs on the Xbone

Welcome! TexasReaperCrew on XB1

Welcome to the party.

PSN: Audible__Silence

Welcome ---- HAWKLANDER on the XB1

Welcome to the Clan. Sent Friend Request.

XBox GT - Lala Calamari

Welcome to the community!
PSN: AlphaMack

Ill be adding all you crazies as soon as I’m off work… if you need any fireteam assistance Ill help whether I’ve done the event that week or not. I just love to play the game with friends and new ones alike.

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Welcome. Psn:daklown4life

Welcome homie! GT/PSN DuvalFunk

Great attitude.

Had some random 34 help me and some friends with the first stage of VoG tonight, kind stranger.

Send me a msg or invite if you see me on.
Always happy to help.

EU PS4 player.
PSN: Olz_3

Welcome to GRG
X1 GT: The Body Farmer

huh? EU?

GT GRG Jackal

That would be the European Union sir.

Hell he probably fucked my ex wife… she fucked everyone in Europe!


Wha? And probably most of the US as well. But i bet she has nothing on Gunny’s sister.

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Welcome aboard.