Just Saying G'day.

Hey Everyone,

A bit about me:

Hailing in from Melbourne.

Haven’t done a heap of online grouping up, was more of a split screen type of guy but since games are moving away from that I thought I’d give crack at joining a group.

The Division and Rocket league are the first two games that have got me really interested in getting on the mic.

Most important thing about me is I love a good drinking game.




Welcome to GRG! I’ll send you a FR from my PSN: JohnnyBigRed

Thanks mate,


Welcome! Im minion1981 on psn.

See ya soon

Welcome to the clan homie! PSN : DuvalFunk

Hey mate,

Good to meet you!

Welcome to the community!

Thanks for the warm welcome guys!

Welcome to the group. Rocket league is a fantastic game, when you can start calling for passes its one hell of an experience compared to just randoms.

Divsion will be great. got the open beta downloaded? @LanceHung is holding an event to play that night but just about everyone with a playstation will be on.
Friend request sent.

PSN: Audible__Silence

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Thanks mate,

I never deleted the closed beta so it updated it’s self the other day. Im so glad I didn’t have to re-download it as i’m sure you know what Aussie internet can be like… damn you Optus.

See you online!

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Welcome to GRG.


Welcome aboard.

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Welcome to the asylum.

Someone say drinking? Welcome aboard

Welcome aboard…you bring shrimp and a barby with ya’ by default right?

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Welcome to the dysfunctional family.

Always gotta be that one guy…

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Welcome to the community! PSN:DaKlown4Life