Just the FNG here

Hello all, my name is rob I’m 34 married from NYC i got two boys 6/4 been playing games since the Nintendo days. I play non Xbox now icausePANIK is my gamer tag. I play PUBg the division destiny 2 neverwinter rainbow six siege and nhl 18 I’m in the nypd emergency service (SWAT) k9 team been a cop for 11 years Sid two tours overseas with the army and yea that’s about it thanks for reading all this crap good speed


Welcome to GRG.

Welcome aboard and thank you for your service.

Thank you sir :metal:t3:

Welcome to GRG


Welcome man!

In my head you just reeled all that off in one long breath and then marched out of the room at top speed.

I’m not playing my Xbox much yet but I’ll see you around online.


Welcome! Thank you for your service sir!

Welcome to GRG

Welcome to GRG!

Someone beat me to adding you to the @DestinyPlayers @DivisionPlayers and @PUBGPlayers groups

I added you to my friends list and sent you an invite to our XBox Club.

XBox GT: Lala Calamari

Welcome to GRG, and thank you for your service both in the military and in law enforcement. You will find we are terrible shots. :smiley:

Sent you a FR on XBox.